Melbye Enters the Finnish Market with Strategic Partner Sonepar

Melbye Group has signed a partnership agreement with Sonepar Finland. Melbye supplies customers both through partners like Sonepar and directly to projects within an increasing number of segments.

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Melbye Henningsvaer
Melbye Henningsvaer

Why Choose Melbye?


With our products, expertise is guaranteed in every delivery. Drawing from extensive experience across various demanding projects with diverse needs, our goal is to offer the most intelligent solutions at the best value.


Even minor disruptions can yield substantial financial setbacks. Our reliable products guarantee seamless operations, preventing unexpected interruptions and downtime, thus optimizing productivity and efficiency for businesses.


We have a strong tradition of working with quality. We also believe sustainability to be an even more important part of the markets we cater and therefore strive to make sustainable business practice a part of our quality stamp.  

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